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Formula 1 - By those who were there - ENGLISH

Formula 1 - By those who were there - ENGLISH

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Formula 1 is more popular than ever. The race calendar expands every single year, with more spectators flocking to Formula 1 tracks, and more people tuning in behind their TV screens to follow every twist, every acceleration, and every overtake.

But Formula 1 is much more than what is shown on TV. Formula 1 is mechanics at work in the battle for split-seconds during a pit stop. Formula 1 is massive development departments working to find the key to success. Formula 1 is a commercial circus that entertains and impresses.

In this book, one of the most experienced figures in the Formula 1 caravan, reporter and photographer Peter Nygaard, takes readers behind the scenes. Nygaard has covered almost two-thirds of the Formula 1 Grand Prix races that have been held since Formula 1's inception in 1950. Through his camera lens and conversations with some of the most central figures, he tells the stories of the greatest drivers, the wildest dramas, and the continuous evolution of Formula 1.

Hear from some of the biggest figures who, from inside the car, the pit lane, or around the track, have experienced everything that makes Formula 1 what it is today.

272 pages. 32x24,5 cm. Velour cover. 4+4 colors + pantone for effects. Silver foil.

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