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The story of Steen Juul.

Steen Juul (born 1950) is a living icon in Danish trotting. Apart from Tarok, he is the one people mention when talking about the sulky sport. The driver from Skive, who came from modest backgrounds, has won the Danish Trotting Derby 11 times. Despite his retirement age, he is constantly thinking about winning the next victory, and about getting the horses ready for the world elite. Nothing can stop Steen Juul.

Every single time accidents or illnesses have set him back, he has had a goal to come back stronger. He is made of a very special winning gene and can put everything else aside. He knows what it takes to create a winning horse. A key word is the horse's welfare. Through 50 years in the sport, he has, if anything, changed Danish trotting - and set the horses free.

It was also the ability to focus on a goal that saved not only him, but also his closest friend on land, when a plane crashed into Lake Väneren in 1993 before a race in Sweden. That tragedy still leaves a deep mark on the trotting trainer to this day. The medical record is long. Yet he gets up every day to do what he loves. To train his horses.

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