About Helmin & Sorgenfri

About Helmin & Sorgenfri

After having been fierce competitors in football's transfer journalism in particular, Jesper Helmin and Søren Sorgenfri joined forces in 2020 to establish the publishing house Helmin & Sorgenfri with an ambition to publish sports books that took the sport seriously.

Since then, there have been around 20 publications, and the plan is that between eight and ten new titles will be published annually. Sports will still be the focus, but books about other good things in life, for example food and travel, are also part of the publisher's plan.

Jesper Helmin

Jesper has a past as editor-in-chief at football site bold.dk for ten years. He helped move the site from a position far down the list among Danish media, to now being in the top five.

During his time at bold.dk, Jesper wrote almost 50,000 articles and covered just under 1,000 football matches at home and abroad.

Søren Sorgenfri

Søren has previously been a journalist at BT and Berlingske, just as he has been editor-in-chief at the football magazine Clasico.

Søren has a number of books behind him, including Per Nielsen's biography. He is now, among other things, an editor on YouSee's sports app Sport Inside.