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Helmin & Sorgenfri

Who will believe you?

Who will believe you?

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In 1976, Bernard Baumont took 11-year-old Kim Chown and her brother to Africa, where he had obtained a job as a lecturer at a university. But when the door in the home was closed, he raped Kim several times a day. He got her pregnant, performed an abortion himself, and repeatedly threatened to kill her.

Only when she was 20 years old did Kim manage to escape, only to end up in a life as an alcoholic, not least because her siblings and mother refused to help her report the father. But after nearly ending her own life, Kim fought back. With the support of her husband and grown children, she has finally told the world what her father was doing behind the facade.

After 40 years, she faced him in court where he was convicted of his terrible crimes. This is the woman's story of recovering from terrible abuse and creating a happy life - against all odds.
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