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The Bitcoin Standard

The Bitcoin Standard

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When a programmer under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto presented bitcoin in 2008 as "a new system for transferring electronic money, without dependence on third parties", not many people paid attention to it.

A decade later, against all odds, bitcoin's decentralized software provides an unstoppable, worldwide alternative to the money issued by the printing presses of modern central banks.

From seashells, pearls and salt to metals and banknotes, the Bitcoin standard delves into the history of money. The book analyzes the characteristics that have made bitcoin's enormous growth possible, and takes a closer look at bitcoin's economic, political and social significance.

The reader will gain insight into what separates bitcoin from the over 10,000 copies that have followed and why bitcoin cannot be copied or controlled.

Since author Saifedean Ammous sent the book to the streets in 2018, it has been published in 30 different languages, and has established itself as the most important literary work for those who want to understand bitcoin.

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