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Barcelonismo. It is the sum of the special spirit that for decades has helped to make FC Barcelona more than a club, as they like to say in Catalonia about the region's pride, footballing and political counterpart to the government and the capital Real Madrid. But does club spirit and cohesion crack these years?

Have FC Barcelona and the port city sold out of the values ​​for mass tourism and the sound of suitcases, and how will the big club move on after Lionel Messi's tearful farewell? With a fan base of almost a quarter of a billion fans and followers worldwide, FC Barcelona also enjoys great support in Denmark, but it is precisely the global expansion that has cost local belonging, where fans feel excluded and where the club's own talents for years have had difficulty breaking through?

Barcelonismo – Club ties, chaos and the post-Lionel Messi era goes in depth with the critical and concerned questions that FC Barcelona's huge fan base asks themselves around the globe, and we get all the way inside the club to get answers to whether FC Barcelona is under change, where it went wrong, and how they return to former strength. Sports journalist and writer Nicolai Lisberg has lived in Spain since 2013, including five years in Barcelona.

By virtue of his journalistic work for Danish and foreign media as well as the European football association UEFA, he is the Danish journalist who has been closest to FC Barcelona during the epoch-making years. Close to the club's greatness and the chaos that might lead to the club's downfall or prove to be the way back to the light.

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